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Performance Boat Candy – Crystal Cut Polish


Performance Boat Candy™ Crystal Cut Polish™ incorporates our new advanced proprietary DCT2 (Diminishing Cutting Technology)the most ultra-refined cutting powders available to remove minor oxidation, swirl marks, fading, water spots, and 2000 – 3500 grit scratches. This zero dust proprietary formula offers a swirl-free perfect mirror finish in just a few passes. Crystal Cut Polish is a water-based product that contains no silicone or waxes, so it’s clear coat, gel coat, and body shop safe. If you’re tired of using products that are hard to use with results that don’t last, step up your game and use our Polish to make your job easier with a result that will definitely grab attention and give you that new boat feeling again.

Out of stock


New stock due mid OCTOBER

  • No dust formula
  • Application only requires half the amount compared to traditional polishes
  • New proprietary DCT2 (Diminishing Cutting Technology)
  • Long work time
  • No residue
  • Easy-to-use
  • Removes minor swirl marks, oxidation, and scratches
  • Safe for paint and gelcoat
  • Restores dull and faded surfaces
  • Works on vehicles
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