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Performance Boat Candy – Speed Gloss


Performance Boat Candy™ Speed Gloss™ uses the finest ingredients available to clean, protect, and add a deep gloss finish to your boat or watercraft. This proprietary formula contains the highest grade Carnauba wax and gloss enhancers along with a biodegradable water spot remover to produce a clean, long-lasting shine with UVA and UVB protection. Speed Gloss™ gently removes hard water spots and micro contaminants while adding an additional layer of wax for an unparalleled brilliance. It also works great on your tow vehicle!

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If you are ordering this product as a Christmas gift, the cutoff for ordering is Friday the 14th of December.

  • Spray on wipe off formula
  • Removes hard water spots effortlessly
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive
  • No vinegar or noxious smell
  • For wet or dry surfaces
  • No hazing or streaking
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Repels water for a lasting glossy shine
  • Fills in swirl marks and fine scratches
  • Safe for gelcoats, paint, plastic, glass, rubber, fiberglass, and metals

Spray a small amount of Speed Gloss™ onto your boat or watercraft, wait 5-10 seconds (for stubborn water spots wait 15-20 seconds), then wipe using a clean dry microfiber or terry cloth towel to bring out a deep gloss shine—no buffing or polishing required. Speed Gloss ™ can be used on hot or cool surfaces that are wet or dry. Tip: Minerals found in all recreational boating waterways cause water spots that can eventually etch themselves onto the surface of your boat causing damage to the gelcoat—for best results apply immediately after boat usage. Then stand back and admire the beauty!

  • Due to unprecedented demand as a result of the Melbourne lockdown, we are experiencing slight delays in attending to new enquiries. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you soon. Thanks, Bundoora Boat Upholstery.
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